Taylor Products

The James L. Taylor Manufacturing Company provides new ideas for edge gluing and lumber optimization technology in a wide range of applications and markets.

The machines below are engineered, manufactured, and serviced from our 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Poughkeepsie, NY by a dedicated team of smart and skilled professionals.

Edge Gluing & Laminating

Taylor is the Industry Leader in room temperature gluing and laminating equipment. Room temperature gluing, on a Taylor Clamp Carrier, is the most forgiving and versatile way to glue up panels, treads, molding blanks, furniture components, flooring, railing stock, posts, beams, and much more!!

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High Production Rotary Door Clamping

The Taylor Door Pro is the industry’s best and most versatile option to improve a door manufacturing area. Innovative and well thought out designs improve the quality of the doors and also make the door area more efficient. Both Miter and Stile & Rails Models are available in multiple size frames.

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Glue Application

Attaining the proper glue spread thickness is very important. Too much or too little glue spread will weaken glue joints. Also, too much glue wastes money, slows production and creates more “clean up time” for both the applicator and the Clamp Carrier. Taylor offers (3) different models that will make applying glue a quick and easy job for the operator.

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Return Conveyors

Return Conveyors are a no-brainer.  At less than the annual cost of an operator to tail the machine, a return conveyor will pay for itself in less than a year. Machines are designed to be paired with Edgebanders, Wide Belt Sanders, Straight Line Rip Saws, and Shaper Sanders and built to fit your layout needs.

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Glue Mixing

Taylor PVA Mixers make what typically is a manual and complicated process into a simple and repeatable process. Both the simple, lower cost option, and the higher cost, multiple port, high production machine will automatically monitor the flow of the catalyst and resin to ensure the proper mix each and everytime. This leads to more consistent and higher quality glue ups each and every day.

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